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is ear mites a long term problem?


Oct 19, 2006, 3:51 AM

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is ear mites a long term problem?

is this ear mites thing a long term prob? i'm currently taking care of my fren's dog (fifi) now who has ear mites. brot it to the vet this morn but yesterday my dog (coco) n fifi already mingled n played together. i don't mind if coco catches it just for once coz i think it's easily treatable. i'm just afraid that it'll be a long term problem where the mites will linger around in my house and attack her again n again. anyone has any knowledge on this? it's really worrying!


Oct 19, 2006, 4:03 AM

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Re: [kmingy] is ear mites a long term problem?

Ears Mite is very easy to cure. Unless your case is very serious one! That you need vet to help you la.

First go get a ear mite drop from vet or petshop. Follow the instruction in the ear mite drop label. That it!!! You already cure your dog ears mite problem. Remenber even your dog have cure from ears mite, you are advise to clean their ears canal weekly after bath.

Hope this help.


Jun 25, 2008, 6:40 PM

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Re: [chrisong] is ear mites a long term problem?

Frown My baby has developed aural hematoma because of this.

Her right ear has become swollen since Sunday.

Actually after I bathed her with a particular dog shampoo she suddenly developed a lot of itching and I found that it was because of fleas.

I did a lot of online research in the past few days and have done the following:
1. add a bit of ACV ( Apple Cider vinegar) to the drinking water
2. Add garlic to3. Add Brewers yeast to her food.

3. Add brewer's yeast to her food
4. wash her with water in which lemon peels have been soaked ( quarter a lemon and pour a pint of hot water into it and wash dog with this when cool).
5. gently wipe the ears with a mixture half and half of white vinegar and water-be careful not to let water get into the ears.
6. Bathed her as follows: moisten well the area around the neck as close to head and ears as possible without soap going into eyes or ears with a thick coating of dog shampoo and then proceed with the rest of the body below this line. Massage it well for 15 minutes and rinse off thoroughly.
7. I'm giving her one dose of Arnica 30 (homeopathy) every 2 hours.
She seems to be getting better.
Thank God for the Internet.

The procedure the vet will go in for can be dangerous to her and I wont take risks at her age- Also let alone vets even human docs can be very pushy with treatment leaving patients no informed choices. Again thanks to the Internet one can thoroughly research a topic and make a choice.


Aug 23, 2009, 12:56 PM

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Re: [kmingy] is ear mites a long term problem?

I clean my dog ears every day :P
Hugo is lovely and naughty