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Rhodesian Ridgeback and Weimaraner


Jun 27, 2006, 2:47 AM

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Rhodesian Ridgeback and Weimaraner

Hi guys,

Was wondering where I can get the above two dogs here in Malaysia? I have seen pictures of locally bred Rhodesians here in Malaysia. Just dunno who owns them. Saw one in the show last year too. Called MKA and no one could help me find them. Interested to get one or the other. Hope some one can point me in the right direction. Thanks every body!

Canine Addict

Jun 27, 2006, 7:44 AM

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Re: [Barkus] Rhodesian Ridgeback and Weimaraner

Sorry... actually I don't know who owns it, but happened to watch this breed on Animal Planet last Saturday morning, this Rhodesian Ridgeback looks very much like a boxer cross with Labrador to me. Also looks like a local mongrel dog.

Just curious, why you fancy this breed so much? For hunting purposes?


Jun 27, 2006, 8:22 AM

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Re: [Barkus] Rhodesian Ridgeback and Weimaraner

I saw three Rhodesian Ridgeback on the Dog Olympic Day at the park , i did ask the owner where they are from , he said he imported 2 of them from The States and one of them from the Norway . very handsomely looking dog I must say , very well-built . I think someone is looking for a RR too . as of weimar , never seen any in real but i think PSY has one ..maybe you can ask her/him about this specific breed .


Jun 27, 2006, 6:29 PM

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Re: [simchi] Rhodesian Ridgeback and Weimaraner

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the quick reply. Actually the dog is for my friend. He really wants one or the other. I guess it is more for a pet than any other thing. Definately not for hunting la. Could some one please help me find a contact number? Much appreciated.