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Puppy's bad skin problem!! Help!


May 2, 2003, 6:27 PM

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Puppy's bad skin problem!! Help!

Hi guys,

Please give me some advice!!

After the first vaccination, Sparkle's skin developed some rash like looking stuff on his skin...it's like tiny crusty dots which can come out when I brush him.

I took him for a second vaccination with Dr Hasnul..and asked Dr Hasnul this. He said some puppies develop an allergic reaction to the vaccination so it should pass. But his condition has worsened and how the area below his neck and on some parts of his body is starting to have MORE of this crusty stuff. Sometimes when I brush him and it comes out he starts to bleed a little. He doesn't scratch it so I guess it's not itchy.

But is this common? Anyone's puppies had this same problem? I'm quite worried cause it seems to get worse although it doesn't seem to bother him that much but when I run my hands through him now I feel all the crusty spots on his body! He's also in the process of shedding his puppy fur now..so does this affect his skin?

Anyone with similar experience? I'm trying to wait a bout 2 weeks more before I take him to Dr Hasnul for his last jab...I can as him again. But if there's anything I can feed him, or buy from pet shops to apply on him, or to bathe him with, I want to try that out first.

Help!! Unsure


May 2, 2003, 6:42 PM

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Re: [cshellz] Puppy's bad skin problem!! Help!

hi there,

don be so worry about ur furkid! it is very normal, my vet told me. all dog should have some small things on their body, mine also like that. try to buy a vitamin for him, as i'm feeding my pup nutri-coat, a nutrition for skin & coat conditional, i still dunno the result yet coz just start yesterday. i also buy a powder for her, which can prevent those small things on their body and the 'kutu'. everytime i saw those dots, i just put some powder on it, then it will recover the next day!


May 2, 2003, 6:55 PM

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Re: [ally_py] Puppy's bad skin problem!! Help!

Hi ally, Smile

thanks for your reply.

I'm feeding Sparkle Nutri-Coat too and he has been taking it for close to a month already. What powder are you applying on your puppy now? What is it called and where can I get it?

Thanks ya! Smile


May 2, 2003, 7:16 PM

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Re: [cshellz] Puppy's bad skin problem!! Help!

hi. do u know chinese? coz the powder is from Taiwan, it label in chinese name. it sounds like' hua zhi yu'. the flower language, i think?Blush i think the pet shop got other powder too, maybe u can ask them. but i buy it from the groomer.


May 2, 2003, 8:22 PM

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Re: [ally_py] Puppy's bad skin problem!! Help!

hi ally,

i can't read chinese, but I'll try ask the pet shop about "hua chi yu". Hopefully I can get the pronounciation right! Wink Thanks a lot!


Sep 23, 2003, 7:30 PM

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Re: [cshellz] Puppy's bad skin problem!! Help!

Hi, My Golden Reriever has the same problems! It seems like the rashes/pus are not itching. Well, my 3 mths GR had his second vacination abt 2 weeks ago. Could that because of allergic to vaccine?

How did you able to get rid of those from your puppy? Any info given will be much appreciated! Thanks!


Sep 29, 2003, 1:39 AM

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Re: [laurentia] Puppy's bad skin problem!! Help!

hey, u have the same problem with my goldie when he had his vaccination. he had rashes all over his bodies, more and more and more........ ard the neck, body, tail, etc.. i took him back to the vet again, and the vet jus told me, "its normal for puppies to have rashes." and... jus give me some antibiotics.. and it recovers after taking antibiotics. BUT!! after a week, the rashes comes back again... Unsure But urs might be reacting with the vaccination he/she took or simply because of the warm weather..

there r 3 main causes of allergy:

environmental issues : e.g. allergy to the detergent u used on the floor, allergy to dust, allergy to shampoo that u use on him, etc...
solution : hmm.. u might have to try changing shampoos or detergent.. try to keep the hse clean..

fleas, ticks : some dogs r allergy to fleas and ticks (check out one of the thread "mange" )
solution : spray "frontline"

food : there is 3 common food that causes allergy, corn, wheat and soy bean(look out for signs of biting of tail n paws). not only these, some dogs r allergy to chicken, milk, cheese, gluton, etc..
solution : ok, no choice, you have to test the food one ur dog and c how it progress. oh yeah, another choice, bring ur dog to skin specialist. but i think will be painful. cos i have seen pictures on how they test. (1st, they shave an area of the body bald, then make several markings on that area with marker pen(abt 20 markings) then the doc will inject diff food that had been process into liquid forms into the markings, then, will c which marking will have reaction to the injection..) <-- fastest way to check for food allergy..

i'm not saying all these to scare u Angelic, jus telling u to take note of that.. heehee. so far, i think my dog is allergy to wheat. i have stop giving him food that contain wheat and woooo!!~~ he gradually improves! and remember, applying anticeptics(most pple [me too]) in this forum uses "savlon" by johnson n johnson) on the rashes will help to soothe the itch and heal the wounds. oh yeah.. i also bath him with dillute detol solution every week.

*to all dog lovers, pls do not breed ur dogs if they have any skin allergies FrownFrownFrownFrownFrownFrownFrownFrownFrownFrownFrownFrownFrownFrownFrownFrownFrownFrownFrownFrownFrownFrownFrownFrownFrownFrownFrownFrown*