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Doberman, 5 months old, the poo-machine

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Sep 19, 2005, 10:38 PM

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Doberman, 5 months old, the poo-machine

i have a 5 month Doberman who poos and pees in her kennel. Sounds like every owners probs. But the thing is her poop is quite mushy, and she poops a dozen. She'd walk all over her poop and spreading them on the floor, kinda like spreading peanut butter on bread.

These are the training methods that i've tried:

Scolding when she does it on the spot

Using spray to train her to poo at a spot

Spread a little of her own poo and pee at the supposed place

All the things above wasnt effective i guess.

Any advice?

And oh, she's one very happy girl.
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Sep 20, 2005, 12:18 AM

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Re: [akiawayne] Doberman, 5 months old, the poo-machine

Where did you get the puppy from? Do you know at what age your puppy left the nest? It is not normal for a healthy dog to dirty his own resting place or to walk around his poop.

First, if it is not health related then your puppy left the nest to young and did not learn the nest etiquette.

Second, you could probably change that, but it would need lots of TLC. Scolding does not work. Does he circle before making his business or it just dropping out while he is walking around? If he circles, then carry him immediately to the right spot and praise for doing it there. If it just dropping out while he is walking then consult a vet.Third, switch the food, since mushy poop is not normal either. I would recommend to switch to BARF diet. It would dramatically reduce the amount of poop and it would be a tiny but solid “sausage”.

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Sep 22, 2005, 9:25 AM

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Re: [JoeSmith] Doberman, 5 months old, the poo-machine

Thanks Joe for replying. I brought Max home when she was 4 weeks old from a local, quite reputable pet shop.

She doesn't really play with the mushy poo, but she accidentally step and walk all over them as she is quite ecstatic at all times.

I also find it diffucult to wait for her to have an accident and correct her, as she has NEVER pooed in front of me.

As for the type of food, i have tried brands. She was having Eukanuba Puppy when she came home, i notice the mush but i let her go on for another 3 weeks. Then i switched to NutraGold Puppy which stays until now. I expressed my concerns to the vet, he told me that maybe i was giving my pup too big of a serving. I have reduced to 3 cups per meal, only 1 meal a day, she's now about 7kg.

What's BARF diet? Can u shine a light on me?



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Sep 22, 2005, 6:14 PM

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Re: [akiawayne] Doberman, 5 months old, the poo-machine

There a several issues and if your vet did not advise you about it then I strongly recommend to change the vet.

A puppy is very much similar to a newborn baby. Question: Would you feed a newborn baby only once a day? Certainly not, they are very small and so are their stomach, but they have to grow fast. Please note that a small puppy has to grow into an adult dog within a year++; compare to human: We have about 18 years time to achieve that.

An adult dog eats about 2% of his own body weight of food per day. A puppy needs a lot more then that (he is growing rapidly). With 7 Kg of weight, he might need about 350 grams of food per day (how to eat that in one single meal?) and growing!

I would probably feed a young puppy 4 to 5 times a day (I fed my dog 6 times a day) and would reduce after 4 to 6 weeks by one meal, means stretching the “fasting” times between the meals.

I am feeding twice a day, because it reduces the amount fed per meal (that is one correct statement from your vet) and it is easier for the dog in the hot Malaysian weather.

BARF diet is found in another thread with lots of postings. In short: it is the idea based on “biologically appropriate raw food” with reference to natural design and the dog’s ancestry (e.g. wolf).BTW, a dog will feel the urge to pee & poop strongest within 30 minutes after meal, when getting up in the morning and before retiring at night. Most dogs will start sniffing around to find the right location. If you notice your puppy doing it, just carry him to the right spot, that’s all.


Oct 22, 2005, 10:47 PM

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Re: [akiawayne] Doberman, 5 months old, the poo-machine


Is ur dog being confined in the kennel most of the time? And how many times bigger is the kennel compared to ur dog?

This seems irrelevant but actually it is important. If ur dog only spend time in the kennel to sleep or spending most of the time outside the kennel, then the place shouldnt be too big, juz enough to stretch their body will do. This is bcs a dog (normally) wont dirty their living place, so if ur dog is not meant to be confined most of the time, then u should train he/she to pee or poo outside the kennel.

But if the dog being confined most of the time in the kennel, u sould provide him with a space at least 4 times larger than his size, but in this case u cant avoid ur dog to poo in the kennel, or even step on his/her poo.

Time, patient, & consistency is the keys to success in order to train ur dog well. Wink