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Lets get a Golden Retriever puppy!

K9 Maniac

Aug 29, 2005, 12:39 AM

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Lets get a Golden Retriever puppy!

Dear forum members,

I would like to share some ideas with you, I received calls, mails, inquiries and it is always about Golden Retriever. I welcome it with open arms. Well, it is only right since I gave my life to this breed a decade ago. Also because many inquiries came from this forum, it is only fair I bestowed my wisdom here for now. My Humble Opinion only;

It goes; "I heard/saw/etc that you have some golden puppies, how much are they?"

General replies; "RM***K, very cheap very nice, big head-big bone, show quality, champion line, only problem is that I have no time to show the parents of the pups, otherwise, sky's the limit!" This is the common bacl yard phrase coming from a bad breeder.

Firstly,This is the wrong question to ask a breeder, it makes the breeder sounds like he is giving up his pups in a meat trade but of course no one will deny that his pup will be sold for a price but lets be diplomatic about it, we are talking about a breeder's years of legacy and endless effort in bringing out the best, he should not be made to feel he is selling a sirloin or a bacon strip at a bucther stall at a local market place. Instead, lets hear about how you love this breed, the research done and how you are going to care for the pup!

I always wonder, what does it mean to be big head big bone and show quality! On what benchmark are they measuring from? A Newfoudland bone and head? That's wrong and rare! Then again, the interpretation of the standard is up to ones' mind, are we digesting it from the standards of AKC, ANKC, KC, FCI or from a back-yard coffee shop standard? There are even judges who have no inkling what is the correct type of the breed, so, what more a "breeder"? To win in a show? Is it that simple? My Goldie is cute, I am sure he will win big in a show ring! That hardly happens, show winner comes from a line of champions producer and endless research on pedigree and bloodline. Therefore the general rule I like to suggest is "champion & champion may or may not produce a champ but non champion never produces one". This thought has of course been challenged, but I like to remind you that this is only a general guideline, there are non champions who produces wonderfully but they in themsleves came from a line of very potent champion bloodlines with tonnes of knowledge and experienced from the breeder.

Then comes " I am not interested in the show quality, I just want a pup as a pet"

This is by all means kosher, ultimately, we want our pets to be pet, the word and vocabulary explain by itself. When we mentioned show quality, it means we are looking for the correct type of the breed like how our fore fathers who fiercely fought and 'created' the breed! The closer to the standard, the pricier it becomes, why? Because effort and time put in to perfect the breed's health, temperament and the breed that conform closest to its standard. This breeding thing is for the experienced and not for average Joe or Jean. If you have a male and thinks that by having a female, it will be convenient to have a litter, you will only create more rubbish to be clean up by the general public! Brood bitches have to be nurture during pregnancy period (pre and post natal care), puppies need lots of attention on diet, socilaising, care, etc. So, if great deal of money, time and effort spent, how can it be cheap anymore? DOg shows requires money, travelling requires money, buying good breeding stocks requires money, care and kennels requires money, diet and supplements requires money, it all jived to 1 thing "cost of maintenance", how can all this be cheap??? Cheap can only equate to 1 thing, poor in all sense and aspect of raising the dogs and its pups.

"MKA cert & Microchipped"

I fell in love with Golden Retrievers by the poster I seen in magazine and bill boards when I came to know about this breed when I was a young kid. This reflect a thought. The latest Guess Watch and Pensonic spokes lady, Miss Amber Chia, our very own Malaysian Super Model, I read an article about her lifestyle recently on a local daily, half of her life are spent in beautifying herself, beautician, make ups, gym, diet and etc, it is because she maintain herself with such great care and blessed with great looks, she sells her images for thousands and never cheap, if not, I am sure she will not be able to sustain her lifestyle, wouldn't you agree? When you see a picture of a beautiful Golden Retriever in a magazine or any place, know that they are the creme de la creme. These dogs does not come from the cheap breeders who breeds for money or convenient sake, these great dogs are bred from years of hardwork and doing the right thing. Don't think that just because your dog has a chip and certified with a pedigree, they are to be the greatest Golden of all time! That do NOT happen. Great dogs came from great breeders and vice versa! Ultimately, great things don't come cheap!

"the health Issue";

Bad breeders do not care about health or temperament issues what more their looks! Good breeders always strive to produce healthy and good temperament dogs with added bonus to their looks. Otherwise, they are no difference from the bad ones! Reputation is at stake here! If one buys a cheap dog from bad breeders because they can afford to go that low, most likely your dog will end up with lots of genetical problems, the eventual vet expenses will surpassed the initial payment of a well-bred dog, that I guaranteed. All genetical defects will be there the minute we human play god, but the good breeders will minimise it by selective breeding with lots of research and will be willing to guide and help in every stage of the dog's life. Bad breedres always comes up with heaps of excuses why the dog you bought from turn bad "hit and run" like we like to say. So, guys would you want to be a victim of hit & run? So, wise up!!!

My 2 1/2 sen only,



Sep 2, 2005, 7:30 PM

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Re: [clangan] Lets get a Golden Retriever puppy!

Good read and good advise. Thanks.


Sep 2, 2005, 9:48 PM

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Re: [clangan] Lets get a Golden Retriever puppy!

Hi ... Frown.

Any advise how to bring Mal.Champion GR to Sarawak? let me know which Government section/office that I need to deal with:- Import Procedure, qurantine, delivery etc.

Great reading notes.


K9 Maniac

Sep 2, 2005, 11:28 PM

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Re: [siluk] Lets get a Golden Retriever puppy!


Quarantine 6 months, non negotiable. You need to obtain an import permit from your state then get a export permit from Shah Alam, the rest is easy. Just bring as excess baggage. Hope this help.




May 2, 2006, 7:12 PM

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Re: [clangan] Lets get a Golden Retriever puppy!

I am agree with that said. I just brought a GR from a breeder. He sell me a 8 months GR wiht cheap price below RM1K. And he did tell me that the testical are inside the body. I have as him repeatly it is any problem if the testical is inside body. He is sure that no problem at all.

After i bring to my Vet, it was a serious problem. Now i need to call up the breeder and talk to him. I will bring my GF to the operation to remove the testical soon. I hope he will get well soon.


Aug 20, 2006, 8:59 AM

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Re: [clangan] Lets get a Golden Retriever puppy!

may i know how to train a show dog...i meant when it still a puppy.....and....actually how much normally for a show quality puppy?how to choose a show quality puppy?and.....what is the different for american bloodline and australia bloodline? if the puppy from australia champion bloodline...rm 2500 is consider reasonable or..........cheap or expensive? thank you....i know u are expert in "SHOW GOLDEN RETREIVER" actually hope to visit u one day.....dont know i hv the chance or not...i like ur shadow so much!!


Aug 20, 2006, 10:20 PM

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Re: [Samuelheng] Lets get a Golden Retriever puppy!

I would consider RM under 3K is cheap. I'm in Australia now and I am looking for a GR from the breeder. A GR will cost us AUD800 in Aust. both parents is reg and champion.

B4 i buy i also need to enter contract with breeder that I'm not allow to breed or enter to any show within Australia. In Australia you get the real purebreed GR b/c the law enforcement in here is strong. Also breeder breed ethically in Australia.

K9 Kaki

Aug 21, 2006, 7:29 AM

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Re: [noidea] Lets get a Golden Retriever puppy!

Hi, just a note here, I too have always thought of a GR from Australia but did not get around to it but you have to take a look at GR from America, they really can blow you away. Do note my avarta, just take a look at the head.

Anyway, good luck.


Aug 21, 2006, 8:12 AM

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Re: [noidea] Lets get a Golden Retriever puppy!

actually the australia bloodline puppy is breed in malaysia....not from australia....rm2500 my friend said is consider expensive cos now the trend in malaysia is american bloodline...but actually i more like the australia bloodline colour n "shape"....but now...still consider the puppy....but i saw the puppies bred from this dog parents also....REALLY NICE!!!look like great pyrenees....really nice...cream colour...confusing now...