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******** TMAWT Tsunami Memorial Animal Welfare Trust ********


Jun 24, 2005, 9:18 PM

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******** TMAWT Tsunami Memorial Animal Welfare Trust ********



The Trust specializes in Catch-Neuter-Release (CNR), which has been proven to be successful in Bali and other countries as the only sustainable method for humanely managing dog populations in countries such as Sri Lanka.

CNR is a quick and efficient way of manage community dogs. When done using modern techniques and materials it does not require days of sheltering for recovery before the animals can be released back to its territory. Usually the animals can be released the same day, with no further treatment required, and without requiring sheltering during recover, which is the logistical weak link of non-same day release methods.

"And killing has been proven repeatedly not to work because nature abhors a vacuum and other dogs quickly move in to fill the void. Nature also responds by increasing litter sizes. Catch-Neuter-Release, making use of dogs’ natural territorial nature, is the only sustainable and humane solution to create a stable and healthy animal population of owned, community and stray dogs."



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