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Chaining up Lab mix


Mar 17, 2005, 7:00 PM

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Chaining up Lab mix

We have to chain Hazel because she digs and stuff. Have tried to bury her poop but she digs in another spot. Sleeps in my mom's plants too! Is this a good thing? I have tried finding a cage that is big enough for her when she grows big. But she is a mix and not a pure Lab so she might grow bigger or smaller. Vet said she was small for a Lab. She's very restless chained up and overturns her waterbowl.

Note: She isn't pure so might not belong in this forum. Sorry..

.Lab Frown Frown

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Mar 17, 2005, 11:21 PM

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Re: [.Lab] Chaining up Lab mix

hi there,

"very restless chained up and overturns her waterbowl"

i think your dog may be an active one and needs more excercise... try taking her for longer walks and play some games with her so that she can burn off her energy...

btw, ALL dogs belong to this forum, be it mixed or pure... cheers!

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Mar 18, 2005, 5:57 PM

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Re: [ai_ney] Chaining up Lab mix

We do take her for around 40 mins walks. Sometimes 1 hour when she is very good and doesn't pull so much.

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K9 Maniac

Mar 18, 2005, 8:52 PM

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Re: [.Lab] Chaining up Lab mix


she is probably bored. she is a lab mix so she obviously have the active side of a lab. have you try training her? crating her is not going to help as she will get more depressed and also build up even more energy.

dogs in general need something to do or at least to know what is their purpose to be in ur house. dogs build up confidence if they know things. probably you should start her on basic obedience ie sit, stay, come and "NO". make her do all this commands everyday.

it's also nature for the dogs to dig, in this case you want her to NOT DIG your yard. then i suggest you "make" a digging spot for her. place one side in ur garden where she can dig and when she digs somewhere else, reprimand her. if she goes to her digging place, praise and treat.

sleeping ur ur mom's plants? well its bad for you but i think she probably things its ok. does she has her own crate or space to call her own home? if not, then maybe u can invest in a crate with proper bedding as a place for her to chill. that way when she wants to sleep or just get away she will go into her "house.

any dogs will be restless chained up and of course this will develop into bad behaviour. dogs are social animal they need to feel they belong. i suggest you spend more time with her. if u have a big yard, play fetch with her or even jog with her. play hide and seek and mind stimulating games with her.

we can teach our dogs to do anything as long as we are the willing teacher cause they are the even more willing student.

good luck!


Mar 18, 2005, 9:38 PM

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Re: [kelsey] Chaining up Lab mix

I was trying to explain that to my dad yesterday but he said he doesn't want her to dig ANYWHERE. Another problem is that since she is a mix, we can't determine her adult size so we can't buy a cage. And err, reprimand?? Sorry, dunno that word. We do play fetch, but she refuses to give back the ball. No play to properly 'hide' but we do play 'Find-It'.

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Dog Kichi

Jul 5, 2005, 7:03 AM

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Re: [.Lab] Chaining up Lab mix

I have a mixed Lab(Black). She was abandon(ties to a lamp post).

Buddy is a very smart dog. She knows when I say "No". When she came home, I chained her and she tore the plant within her reach. I no longer chain her. I just let her run and roam in my compound.

For the plants she tore, I brought her there(close to the plant), pull her towards the plant, as usual she resist. She knew that tearing the plant is not "right"....but for a puppy, what is "right" and what is "wrong"??

I took some old newspapers(bundled them and tie them with rubber band, making a baton). I kept hitting the ground as I pull Buddy towards the torn plant. The sound from the "baton" hitting the ground sends a clear message to her.

She never tear plant anymore. Labs are lovely creates. They are smart and learn fast.

Chaining NEVER help. Labs hate to be restricted.

Do the right thing to solve your problem. Chaining is NOT a solution.

If you can afford, send your Lab for training. If can't, read-up on training methods.

The newspaper baton is nothing new...I was tot how to use it more than 10 years ago.

Any dog trainer out there care to share??



Aug 5, 2005, 8:37 PM

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Re: [.Lab] Chaining up Lab mix

my dog used to dig also... but tried to train her not too.

whenever i caught her digging and after i found out that she had dig a hole.. i'll try to punish her, but not by just scolding without letting her know wat is going wrong.

and after months of frustration and me being scold by my grandpa that love his garden a lot.

my dog learn not to dig...

or u might try to confined your dog at other places. not letting her in the garden without your supervision.

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Aug 10, 2005, 6:33 PM

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Re: [npk] [.Lab]Chaining up Lab mix

Hi .LAB, I would like to share my experience, hope you will feel better after reading this....I have a GR, when she was young, we faced the similar problems like you, or maybe worst !

When I had Daisy, she was 3 mths old, she was not toilet-trained (she torn all the newspaper that I put for her), then we bought her a 3'X4' cage. At that time, we just moved in to the new house, grass were not fully grown yet, so my husband prohibited her to roam around coz her urine made all the grass turned yellow! Whenever we let our her to play, she was so energetic, she bit our plants, our shoes and even knocked down some pots. Got once, I tied her outside just to give her more freedom, she dug a very big hole in the garden until can see the water underground and made herself full of soil! That made my husband very angry because he always looks after the garden, I almost had to give her away whenever I quarelled with my husband over her....I felt that dogs should have freedom, but my husband said she can't as long as she is not well behaved!

I taught her the 'leave it' command to prevent her from touching the wrong things, you can try that too....Along the way, we disciplined her by using the newspaper baton way also, now she knows we are not happy with her whenever we hold the newspaper baton. These two methods are effective!

We decided to chain her also to prevent her to do any destroy when we were not around, it's better than locking her in the cage, coz she can walk around although the space is limited, she would sleep in the cage whenever she wants it, we let the cage door open all the time. The cage becomes her house/sleeping place, she put her favourite toys/bones inside the cage also Smile. Whenever we are at home, especially when we have time to jaga her, we will let her walk free in the garden. Before we knew it, she is turning to 1 year old already, she will still try to find things to play when she is alone outside, but at least she won't destroy the plants, shoes and dig the garden anymore.

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