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shihtzu pee problems

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Mar 13, 2005, 1:58 AM

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shihtzu pee problems

hv been trying to potty train my 2.5month shihtzu on newspaper for week...only successful when let him out of his cage every morning, after that when

we let him round around in house, he will pee & poo everywhere...

Have started pushing his face to smell his on poo & smacking his backside, then put him on newspaper to show him how to do it.

Till now, no success yet.....Now trying to put him in enclosed area(kitchen) till he goes, then only let him out...

pls advise, this is causing constant arguments with husband, now on verge of almost divorce due to puppy.....


Mar 13, 2005, 6:27 PM

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Re: [kwtum] shihtzu pee problems


for me, i try to put the newspaper as many place as possible as pups hor, they tend to "forget" mah.. even if they remember & know they should pee on the newspaper, but they might be lazy lah, walk so far juz to pee. might not pee & let my owner wipe Laugh

pls advise, this is causing constant arguments with husband, now on verge of almost divorce due to puppy.....

haih.. wat happen when u take in the pup? do ur husband know abt tht?

anyway, once u take in u need to find a way loh..

Chen Yang




Mar 14, 2005, 8:02 PM

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Re: [kwtum] shihtzu pee problems


pls do not push his face to his poop and smack his bum as well...pup will not understand you. i assume that this is done when you discover the peepoo mess....

puppies do not have good control on their bowels. what you could do is to keep an eye on him whenever he starts sniffing the ground or when he wakes up or when he just had his food. you'll eb abel to establish a pattern.

our girl shalom needs her poo and pee 5-10 minutes after food. of course during the early days...she basically pooped and peed everywhere we could imagine.

confinement to a regular peepoo area is a good idea if you know his frequency. praise heaps (treats too alllowed) when the business is done at the right place.

usage of the peepoo liquid that you can get at any good pet shop is also a good idea. some members swear it works..some think otherwise. but either way...give it a try. we used it and it did help a fair bit towards out toilet training.

with your hubby...i can't say much...but try to involve your hubby with puppy a little more. start with the "puppy happy moments" like seeing how cute furkid is when furkid eats, plays and sleep...let him see the adorable part of puppy...over time as puppy improves in toilet traning..things would be better too.

trust me...i walked thru that path when we had shalom..afterall shalom was never a planned idea for the 2 of us (her being a shihztu...stubborn...like to eat poo...plays with her poo)..hehe it all started when we obliged someone to view her puppies...and shalom just walked into our hearts being the most quiet of her litter (hehe..she just plonked herself next to us and after a few pats fell asleep despite evryone else barking and biting) so in a way she reminded us of our colby boy (westie...nice and quiet..inteligent). she had not so nice marks and no one wanted her..so we took her home not knowing what we had in store for ourselves...

now we know...its lots of joy and laughter!


Mar 17, 2005, 7:02 AM

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Re: [kwtum] shihtzu pee problems

Hey!!! It's a good start that your dog know how to pee poo at the morning lor somemore he only 2.5 month old. Don't you give up so easy. Be patient OK.Wink

You at least have to train your pup till 8-10 month old so he will not pee poo everywhere. Some might even need to train untill 12 month old. Never Never Hit Your Pup!!! Scold will do!!!Wink

Lastly PATIENT is the key to success!!!

Good luck!!!

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Jun 15, 2005, 7:48 PM

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Re: [kwtum] shihtzu pee problems

Hi Kwtum,

We are in the same situation like you too, just start keeping a shitzu puppy. Since he came into our house into our life, our life turn upside down just because, you know what.... p here drop boom there.We are quite frustrated and something beat him (very lightly cos he is cutie), after one week of intensive training, included my wife took a two days off to stay fulltime with over him. now he is improving abit by bit. sometime he manage to pee on newspaper something simpily pee.

one of the effective method is not to beat him, he is 2 months old but act like a rebellion teenager. Everytime we scolded him, he tend to bark back, same with the pee problem, ask him tenderly, talk soft to him...

Also its important to get a anti-bacteria spray to spray some on the pee area. to kill the smell to prevent he pee there again, but becarefull of the chemical might cause ill to the puppy. take him away when doing the spraying. Not sure what is proper spray to get but should you consult petshops I guess.

It really take time and effort to train the puppy. Be Patient and be Passion, thats all I can say. Good Luck to you and us!!!

Cheer up !!


Jun 16, 2005, 12:49 AM

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Re: [kwtum] shihtzu pee problems

My nishi now is 1 yr old. She joined us as one of our family member when she is 2 mth old. When she first joined us, me and my husband also encountered this problem. However, we will so lucky that we manage to paper trained her in a mth time. Now we only canfined her when we went to work. She will done all her biz on the newspaper inside her playpen.

May be u can try out our method. When she came, she was only 2 mth old. We only let her out to play at night when we came back from work. She will do all her biz there. Of course this will make her looks very dirty, especially her legs. At night, we only will let her out after her dinner and poo poo.

Of couse when she is outside, she will still pee, then we will point at the place where she pee and told her firmly "NO" and bring her to her playpen newspaper and tell her "shih shih". If she pee at the right place, praise her or give her some treats.

Have to be patient cos shihtzu sometimes can be very stubborn. Understand your dog's personality, then you will know how to train them.

Hope this experience will help you.


Aug 14, 2005, 8:30 PM

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Re: [kwtum] shihtzu pee problems

DO NOT BEAT YOUR DOGS!!!!!!!! All it will teach them is to be afraid of you!!!! It might make the peeing problem worse! If they mess, just get a rolled up newspaper and hit YOURSELF on the head for not watching the dog closely enough!!!!

Clean it up and try harder. If you prefer to use newspaper, then you have to keep the dog in a small area with the papers all spread out and remove them a little at a time until the dog has only one paper to go on. But the dog can't go in the rest of the house until it reliably goes on the paper every time!