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swollen ears

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Mar 8, 2003, 10:21 AM

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swollen ears

Hello, I'm 22 years old Japanese, with a cute dog named Uaua, meaning "little girl." I deeply devote myself to uaua, cuz she's the only thing I've got in the world. I have a problem though, and i'm pretty worried about that. Seems like no vet is giving me the right answer. Mybe some one could help me? ok the problem is this, uaua has the rim of her ears swollen, chapped with little crusts and the hair has fallen off. The same problem is encoutered on her back of her ankles which are swallen like balls and very dry and whitout hair. Could somebody give me at least a clue of what is the matter with my dog? Thank you for your kind attention, Arigato gozaimasu! :D



Mar 11, 2003, 1:46 AM

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Re: [fujiko] swollen ears

hello fujiko, welcome to this forum.

regarding the prob u mentioned, did the vet said anything about ear mite? My dog used to hav the symtoms u mentioned at her ears too, she had ear mite tht time, the vet gav her a jap, n i applied some ear drops (given by vet) to clear the ear wax, n about 2 days later i used cotton buds to clean inside the ears thoroughly, n the outer parts too. i kept doing this about a week then the symtoms subsided.

i'm not sure if my dog's case is the same with yours, but if your vet told u tht's ear mite's problem, then u can try wat i mentioned above. it works. i know some dogs' got "oily ears", like mine, i just hav to keep an eye on tht n clean her ears very often.


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