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Help!! Bringing my dog back to M'sia from US

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Feb 10, 2005, 1:44 AM

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Re: Hi llamasonic, need ur help!!! [In reply to] Can't Post

hi ... so sorry for using this thread to write you (coz i don't know where else to go! Frown ). I've read all your posts on bringing your baby back to Malaysia, and was hoping that maybe you could provide me with some information (yes, still clueless, and a little nervous as well!) for my baby 3-year old Shih Tzu named MiMi (yes, 3 yrs old but still baby... hehe).

We're from PJ, but I brought her out to Canada for a 1-mth vacay (cannot bear to send her to boarding for so long), been here since January 30... pretty cold over here now (especially tonight!) so the furball's bundled in warm clothing and a nice comforter right in front of the fireplace with me... anyway, I haven't had much problems with the export and the import permit from Malaysia... but I read about the quarantine process back in KLIA and was a bit worried... here are some questions that I have:

1. At the airport when they bring mack to the quarantine station, can we follow the officers to the quarantine station? I would love to, if possible... even if it means sending my folks home by cab first and having my friend wait for me at the airport and send me to the quarantine station immediately!!!
2. At the quarantine station, do they leave the pet in the carrier that you bought? Or would they transfer her to a bigger caged area?

I have been travelling by Japan Airlines, and thankfully, she stayed quiet the whole time. Oh, are dogs allowed out in the open in the airport? I had a HUGE problem communicating with the ground staff, not sure if you had that problem... when we arrived at Narita on transit (11 hrs), there was someone waiting for me right outside the airplane... she brought me to the transit area (for transit procedures) and just left me there, telling me the ground staff would assist me.

Anyway, the staff was not that fluent in English so I was quite patient... but she was not sure what to do with my dog!! She said she will just keep her in her office till I came back! I informed her, that after so many hrs in the crate, she would need to be walked and fed... and she replied, then leave food in her crate for her to eat... and I said, there won't be enough place for her to eat and then lie down comfortably, and what about poo and pee and stuff!! So she says she will go check with her supervisor on what to do and things like that... the whole thing at Narita airport took 2 whole hours for them to figure out what to do with my MiMi! So frustrating. MiMi was already getting really restless and I wanted to take her out for a hug, but the ground staff wouldn't allow it :(

So, finally, there is this form for "Transit Dog" she didn't know existed. *sigh* so we go out filling that form and paid for MiMi's walks... Now, I'm just worried for the transit back at Narita airport and saw that since you had that experience, maybe you could offer some assistance. My transit back would be overnight at Narita, so would like to know, once we arrive, will there be someone taking her into their care? Did you also fill out the "Transit Dog" form? Do you by any chance know where they are placed, and in a larger crate or in her own itty-bitty crate? So sorry for bombarding you with so many questions... I'm just worried sick about bringing her back! Already big headache bringing her over to Canada (no regrets!) coz worried I might forget something...

I've already planned to visit her everyday at quarantine (re the recommendations) and bug the hell outta those workers there with lotsa questions heehee. She's a pampered sweetheart and it's just so painful to have to see her go through quarantine. Why, I still think a 7-day quarantine is nothing too much compared to 30-days of boarding. I'd rather sacrifice the 7 days! Thanks in advance, for any help you could provide!

hugs from mimi


Feb 17, 2005, 11:57 PM

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Re: [llamasonic] Help!! Bringing my dog back to M'sia from US [In reply to] Can't Post

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Hi Kal, I have recently arrived in Malaysia and am bringing my dog back from Southern California this month. I have had to find out all I can about this in a short while and still looking for a few last minute answers.. but here is what I have found out so far. The dog must be at least 4 months old. Your dog will have 7 days quarantine at KLIA, they charge 6RM per day and a 25RM inspection fee (paid 2 times) and a 2RM form fee. You will have to supply the dogs food.

You will need to get an Animal Import Permit -valid for 30 days from the time you get it. There is a 5RM charge for this and you will need to show a recent vaccination record showing the dogs age and shots it has had- a faxed copy (or scanned in my case) will do. You will need the orginal copy of the import permit and the vaccination report when you arrive with your dog in Malaysia along with a health certificate from state certified vet that shows your dog is in good health.

Get the import permit by calling 03-254-0077 or 03-252-1877. Here is another number for the import permit office, 03-8787-2379. 2 days before you arrive fax a copy of the latest vaccination and the import permit to this number 03-8787-2378 also let them know your flight number and time of arrival.

I have had quotes from people in Malaysia up to 5000 RM to do this for me.. but no one wants to tell me how to do it for myself- I wonder why ?.

I have a friend who's knows of someone that was charged 9000 RM to bring in a dog from Canada ! What a scam !

You can get more information from going to www.jphpk.gov.my/English/kurantin%20.html
You will need to download and print out the health certificate for your state if your vet does not have it. I am bringing my dog from California so I got mine here: www.cdfa.ca.gov/ahfss/ah/pdfs/small%20animal%20certificate.pdf

Your airlines will have it's own requirements so check with them. I decided on Japan Airlines since they allow small dogs in the cabin. I hope this helps and I also hope that people will add to this discussion and provide information. I am still trying to find out if I need an export permit coming from the states. I should know this shortly. Great to find dog lovers in Malaysia ! Nice site and good job.

Wahsai, wow wow wow. Thats a good one you have posted. Bravo to you. I am so proud someone like you can do this openly. It does help many.

Not like some of the forumer who talk and talk and talk , looks as if they are helping but putting matter in mass........

Moderator !!!! you see that ? The outsider's post does help !!!!!! I am so a shame I get to learn this now. If not, I would have posted to let people know. haha

Sam sam,bulllover, boxer you see that ?

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