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Nov 19, 2003, 5:24 PM

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Everybody Please Help! I lost my lovely dog in Bandar Puchong Jaya!

Hi All,

It's me again. I haven't found my lovely dog yet. She has been stolen on 17/11/03 from my house in Bandar Puchong Jaya.

Once again, i really need all of your help to keep your eyes for my dog. Attached is her recent photos, hope it could help you to identify my dog. I got many of her photos and can email to you if you interested. Her name is Mi Mi. She is a mixed terrier, 10 months old, quite small in size, yellow color and looks dirty on her both eyes because she got some eyes problem.

Since she is being dognapped, i suspect she might be in someone's house now (might be your neighbour) after resold, or she is still at somewhere and waiting for someone to buy her. Please help me to pay attention when you are in pasar pagi or pasar malam for any dog seller. I heard that, most of the stolen dogs will be sent to Penang or JB for resold, so please pay your attention too if you are from Penang or JB.

I really wish to get her back no matter how hard i have to experience. I would never give up and i'm even willing to pay in order to get her back. She is a queen in my house and it's like taking my life away when i'm losing her...

Meanwhile, i will advertise it in Star Newspapers soon and will distribute flyers as many as i could. Please email me if you are willing to distribute the flyers too.

Please contact me immediately if you have found any similar dog. Please email me hslee@digi.com.my or shiauhw or call me 016-2179739.

Thank you very much and please pray for my dog together.

*****Pls help to look for my MiMi (refer to my avatar for her pic)*****
*****MiMi, where are you now? I miss you.....*****

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