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Nov 10, 2003, 5:49 AM

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Re: [chilimson] Rottweiler - Cliff v.d. konigskanzel

Hi chilimson,

Well I thk its the board good fortune to have a rott "exp" like U around ...! he he he ! Wink...and of course....rottzilla too ...! Tongue

U r rite abt the "backyard breeder", this a problem when the demand for the breed is high ! Its is understandable when we cannot control the so called "Ah Beng" breeder or pup millers but it is another story when we talked abt a registered breeder who breeds indiscrimnately, which is avoidable in this case.

That is why I was disussing with Rottzilla that maybe by introducing breed survey we would be able to reduce this type of indiscrimanate breeding. Of course to qualify for breed survey the dog is expected to have at least a working title.

BTW talking abt breed survey, so will U be going to chk out this coming GSDC breed survey at the end of this month, I know its not ur breed but its the next best thing.....! Wink

Quote:- ""It is interesting for you to make reference to the Austrian kennel, because I really do not think any home should own such a line without a strong commitment. ""
I thk as long the owner is committed to socialize/train/work the pup regularly...it shouldn't be much of a problem ! hey . . .I thk there should be quite a few on board who will relish this challenge ! !

Quote :
""Vico von Flugschneise daughter, and she is a Racker von Hertener Wappen's granddaughter""
do u happened to mean Racker vd Flugschneise ! ? Crazy , I'm still new to rott so hope U dun mind..!! BTW and what happened Vico...err...at Krg 01' ? ?Blush

""Most of the puppies and imported from Australia or NZ because of exemption from quarantine."'
Yes....I did noticed it as well when I m over ! it seems tht most of pet shop owner are really proud that their are imported from Aust. Actually from what my fren told me it is mostly pup mills product ! ! Frown

Quote :
""....... because of the tail issue.""
Well its a shame really ! now more rotts of good character & temperament will be further removed from the genepool.Mad.......I thk this time the german really out-done themselves ! ! Shocked

Anyway...hope to see both U & Rottzilla keep the thread alive here !Wink

Good Luck ! Cool

"Show me your dog and I'll tell you what manner of man you are."
(GSD Founder - Capt Max V Stephanitz)

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