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Nov 6, 2003, 9:29 PM

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Re: [Polluxx] Rottweiler - Cliff v.d. konigskanzel

Hello Poluxx,
I apologized for my late reply !!
I 100% agreed your point of view like the working trail ,ADRK judges etc.....to ameliorate our breed standard . But all these things need $$$$$$$$$$$$$
and our chapter is not affordable at this moment .
The most troublesome problem is who will take the responsibility to convince those Ah Beng breeders UnsureUnsureUnsure who spend so much money to import those mediocre Rotties !! Just Imagine if all their dogs fail in the working trail and not applicable for breeding MadMad I've been proposed to them for many years,but I think is still impossible .
As I mentioned earlier,it takes two to make a quarrel,we need more people to support .
Concerning Ebby, she has extremly strong drive which is not suitable for most of the Rottie enthusiasts in Malaysia !! How many breeders know who is Ives Eulenspiegel , Benno Vom Allegaur Tor,Aki Von Der Peeler Hutte etc........ How many of them willing to spend so much time and effort to observe the working abilitiy ,temperament of their dogs ancestors from the ADRK Korung video tapes for years !! I dare to say more than 90% of them did not know and not willing to !!
I did bred Ebby once and she delivered 2 male pups . One of them having good life because his owner is an experience guy who involved in guard training for more than 20 years , but another poor brother was given away by his owner because the owner worried that this pup will jeopardize his family security Crazy!! Eventually This pups went to another trainer hand . The owners or the potential owner of Rottie in Malaysia still need to be educate .FrownFrownFrown
Ambassador is one of my favourites !! But I still have to observe for his progeny within 1-2 years,But I think he is one of the best Balou son SmileSmilein fact his owner Herr Rene Kulzer is a good friend of mine !! I will meet up with him in KSZ 2004 !!

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