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Sep 29, 2003, 6:35 AM

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Re: [PSD,mhazman] germanshepherd

Hi Guys,

Quote :Azman
"I sense some prey & defense work in the Pastoral group. Are we in the right group ? ... "
U bet ! ..... & where were U all this while ? ?..Tongue

Quote :Azman
"So Polluxx, if you can get you hands on Frawley's
training videos or the equivalent
Yup tht's wht I did, but mostly vid done together wt B-Flinks ! ....anyway still cannot get my pup too have good firm grips or as wht PSD mentioned earlier "Crushing Bite", still his grip is calm not chewy ! Another problem is getting him high in drv for very long currently 20 min drv work will tire him out !

Quote :PSD
"You can't get the sleeve off him easily or none at all....that is then your cue to do defense agitation starting with civil agitation in place unknown to the dog. This is the 1st step into defense training(no bites yet please)"
Thx for the tips, well my next pose will be tht if the young dog is alredi having firm grip on the tug but will not come back to the handler , so can we still move on the defense aggitation while at the same time, try to polished up the grip (calm & firm) Crazy . . . ? ?

"But if you compare good sports with a good police dog then you will not see much difference there."
I always tot Police K9 (Patrol) will be harder (stronger nerve) since like they were specially selected & have gone thru countless testing (Stress) before being selected, I thk (this just my personal opinion) sports dog in ScH (we r talking abt level3) is still not thoroughly tested for nerve of steel....I thk it could be better....? Wht do U think...? Wink

Azman, been meaning to ask U this for quite a while, how's is the "fight drv" as compare between ur Malinois & ur GSD ? Blush

One last thing Guys, any advise will be most helpful here , DO we need to polished up our dog's obedience (100%) b4 moving on to aggitation or defence drv promotion? . . .coz I thk getting my dog to go into def drv is easier than getting him to be 100& obedience... Laugh..! !


"Show me your dog and I'll tell you what manner of man you are."
(GSD Founder - Capt Max V Stephanitz)

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