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Sep 25, 2003, 6:53 PM

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Re: [Polluxx] germanshepherd

As u know I m currently only doing prey works, trying to get him to do firm grip on tug before moving on.

Rite. Firm grip, calm grip, run with prey, dont drop prey is what I like to see before proceeding.

Therefore b4 I attempt to do any defensive works, is there any method/ways to develop / bring-out / stimulate his defensive drv . I wanna be damm sure wt all this b4 moving on to this step, the other reason is I dun wanna stress him too early. Unsure Is there any other method than tie-in to stimulate this drv..? Shocked . . . Anybody ? ?

At 9mths I will not do that in general. Further to that you havent graduate the dog onto a sleeve yet. Do this first and get the bite in prey and work the bite to be as good as mentioned above. Then do tie out to intensify the prey drive and introduction into prey guarding frustrations. When qualified on that, do some civil agitation in a suspicious place not known by the dog, you need a helper here. This is to build defense for a week or 2 which you also use an unknown helper to do defensive tie out training on sleeve. This will build the defense stress level and from here if done correctly will build confidence and then you see fight drive coming in. These mentioned above is big steps and takes time. I could not put everything into writing but know that there is more parameters to look out for.

However Polluxx, dont be so hurry with this. too early is not good.

While there are other ways of bringing up defense, which some "pro" helpers we have in Malaysia goes straight into thretening the dog. I find those a bit crappy as the dog run a high risk of losing every confidence that you were trying to build for the last 8 months to bring up. These dogs if they make it will be biting all the way in defence drive instead of graduating into fight. Very little do I see them graduate into fight unless they are very strong dogs sadly this method will break a lot of dogs.

How do u read into defensive drv , I meant other than the hackles at the back of its neck & a deeper bark under aggitation or..? ? Crazy the reason is I dun wanna be confuse def drv with weak nerve so that if his nerve cannot handle protection work I will stop this phase immediately......!

You will see the nerve by how confident he handles his surroundings, loud noise, firecrackers, etc. Good nerves dog will be indifferent and better still will check out the noise source. Haven't you done puppy test when you got him? It should already show then.

BTW anybody knows any place in M'sia that sell prot sleeve etc ?

I want to know too myself as I was getting my supplies all from the net. At 9 mths, you might want to use puppy sleeve first before going onto hard sleeve. Shape the bites better this way.


"Take this trouble for me:
Make sure my shepherd dog remains a working dog, for I have struggled all my life long for that aim ."

Rittmeister Capt. Max von Stephanitz (1864-1936)

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