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Sep 24, 2003, 11:14 PM

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Re: [surchinmy] Odd Lab behavior - lethargy, non-interest in food, lazy

I do agree wiht you for the cost per KG between B2B and CC. B2B is cheaper than CC but some of the forum members are on B2B and the feedback i got from them is after feeding B2B, the dog/pup look skinnier than before even the amount consume is more. I personally don have this problem with B2B (may be my monkey eat too much junk). I had friends tried B2B on their labbies, goldies, GSD, JRT, bull mastiff, dogue de bordoeux and etc. Basically all of them gave me the same feedback, from density of fur, skinnier even feed more, fur not as shine as before.

But some others that are on B2B like it very much and their dog just doing well with B2B. Again back to the very first rules of changing/choosing a right diet for your dog, which is no one brand that can suite all dogs not all dogs agree with the complicated ingredients use in today dog food manufacturer.

But one think i can say for sure, they don use BHA/BHT as preservative and this will eventually cause kidney problem and cancer.

Cut & Paste from one of my private mail with the kibble manufacturing specialist. ====================================================================== I found two diets for dogs. They both look like good diets minus the corn. One thing I did find is the second ingredient is Corn. I will do a comparison.

Omega - B2B Omega 6/3 ratio of 7:1 Canine Caviar Omega 6:3 ratio range from 1.9:1 to 3.0:1 pending on the diet. CC offering 3 to 4 times better Omega ratio (benefits skin, coat, immune system)

Metabolized Energy - B2B 441 kc per cup Canine Caviar 399 cal/cup ranging to 554 cal/cup so CC have diet formulas for puppy, adult, working, and maintained

Digestibility - B2B didn't provide overall digestibility but Canine Caviar digestibility 91% on all diets

Packaging - B2B using paper bag and with shipping in a container and 30 days at seas this might be a concern and max shelflife is 9 months expiration Canine Caviar use a foil / poly bag and food is good for 18 months and is not subject to any water damage. So a fresher product! Corn is an allergen or can be (not all dogs are allergic but is considered an allergen because so many are) and is the number one cause of lick sores. Dogs can not digest corn (much like humans and you can see this in your own waste / you can not see it in the dogs waste because it is ground up and blended in the formula), and more so in warmer climates what will happen is the corn coagulates under the skin and makes a bump. The dog itches and bites at it. This interns causes the hair to be removed in that spot and then the dog starts licking it creating the lick sore.

Corn is very inexpensive to purchase and why it is considered a filler. Just so you know the first two ingredients make up aprox 85% of any diet. The first five ingredients make up aprox 95% of diet generally.

As for description on ingredients Corn - Omega 6 is in corn and there is a trace of Omega 3 but nothing for any sort of ratio. Just for an example look and see any company that sells supplements for Omegas ... and you won't find a single one that uses Corn yet they will all advertise Omega 3 with flaxseed or fishmeal and both is superior. For Omega 3 Canine Caviar use fishmeal and flaxseed so they have a animal and a plant for superior digestion. Also corn stating a "King of Carbohydrates" which means broken down very high in sugar and then turns into fat and once again you can see how the food will collect under the skin when you have a fat that can not be digested by some.

==================================================================== This one is mail from CC

We have the highest level of omega 6:3 fatty acid ratio in pet food as far as we know (no one writes there % ours is printed on the bag), we obtain a 91% digestibility without any prebeotics or probeotics (still really new ingredients with no long term studies and just now research is starting to show major strains on the pancreas), single meat protein sorce, and we have diets ranging from 554 kcal/cup down to 399 kcal/cup trying to meat the neads of all dogs. It is still being tested by third party companies that if you are suppose to feed a puppy just more food to get more calories specially as he/she grows throught the first 10 months what happens to the stretched out intestine and stomach when you start cutting that back? ====================================================================

What do u think ? No mean or whatsoever to argue or 'fight' but just one to have some one like you to share and discuss about.

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