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Dog Kichi

Jul 28, 2003, 6:14 PM

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Re: [chika] We adopted 2 dogs from SPCA

Hey Chika,

I just wanted to share some of my own SPCA experience with you. Smile

Initially, I had the same problem as you. My adoption for an English Hound puppy was declined as it was only about 6 -7 weeks old ... and there was nobody home to take care of her during the daytime. So, it was logical why they didn't approve my application.

After that, I tried for a Labrador mix. Unfortunately, somebody else has already booked him. Imagine my frustration that day ... I was at PAWS earlier in the morning and I didn't find a dog that I like. And I spent the entire afternoon at SPCA and stilll I couldn't get a dog.

I went home empty-handed with a heavy heart.Frown

2 weeks later (which is last weekend) ... I headed for SPCA again. And this time, I found what I was looking for. A Jack Russell Terrier. He was a mix. But he looks very much like a purebreed JRT, except for his little body. I fell in love with him instantly. He was really timid at first when I brought him home. And the poor little dude was car sick ... he puked on the way home in the car.

A couple of hours later, after a good meal and a nice warm bath, he was all jumpity and active. He's quite a handful! And best of all, he's a really confident little mutt. Full of life. All the signs of a Jack Russell Terrier.

I'm really happy that I've made the decision to bring him home. It was only an hour earlier that his previous owner brought him to SPCA; before I spotted him. He wasn't even tagged yet. He must be heart broken when they (previous owner) left him there ... but nevertheless, I'll shower him with all the TLC he needs. Wink He's my new found friend.

And oh btw, his name is Max.

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