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Jul 4, 2003, 11:51 AM

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Re: [Polluxx] Rottweilers

Dear Polluxx~

The current owner is taking full responsibility and care for . I will get myself my own dog in the near future and will definitely bring to join PuppyCom's outings when I'm home.

About "that thread", Yes, gained lots of help from a lot of members as well as the webmaster. Life without a k-9 fren by myside is tough! I've been brought up to be with dogs as my family members.

How am I going to cope with now? erm.... I'm glad to say I AM LUCKY to meet a puppy.com member here!! She is Strawhoney aka Amy. She has a golden retriever named "Odie". I'm happy that I could hangout with them in San Francisco... and it's been so wonderful to play with Odie, had Odie sit on my lap during our roadtrip, and had him sleep besides me when i stayed over night at Amy's apt. Please feel free to drop by my "member gallery" in the forum's photo gallery under my username " ". You will see my pics with , Odie, and some other dogs.

Having while i was studying in Michigan, that's the most wonderful doggie-experience that I've ever had. Coz he is my very first dog to own and to raise and to train by myself~ I'm very proud of him.

I sure have more interesting story about to be shared with you~ Smile Well... but i've shared a lot of the "same old stories" in other threads too. Maybe you could just browse around this site and enjoy the reading~! Erm... one more alternative: most members do chat in MSN messenger where we could have more casual chats. If you do have an MSN account, feel free to add me in:

--I have Howling Bean and Lazy Mack.--

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