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Nov 5, 2014, 5:42 PM

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FOUND Rottie-mix in Desa Pandan

Hi, all! Please help this dog find his owner.

We suspect he's a 2 y/o Rottie-mix, found in Desa Pandan. We don't know if he went missing or was abandoned, but he was found wandering around the area without a collar. Please help us find his owner.

Alternatively, we need to find him a forever home, as we are unable to keep him because we live in an apartment and already have a dog and a cat and the neighbours / building management are only so tolerant of such things. We have nowhere else to foster him.

(Temporarily named) Theo has a lovely temperament. Very sweet and domesticated. Very, very manja. He will climb onto your lap for a cuddle if you let him, seems to think he's a chihuahua or something. Takes well to commands and to being collared. He's very strong for his size (approx. the size of a smaller German Shepard) but is very gentle, soft-mouthed and obedient.

Our overly-brave dog-accustomed cat went right up to him, nose-to-nose, and he responded beautifully (but *we* were nervous, so we did not let the contact last too long.) Theo also reacted very calmly to our nervous dog; did not become nervous himself, or bark back. We also limited contact between the two, but that might say more about *our* stress-levels at dealing with the unexpected situation rather than about Theo.

Please help spread the word, or help us find a loving home for Theo. We'd love to keep him ourselves, he really is that lovely, but our hands are tied beyond allowing us that option.

Feel free to PM me for more details. Only serious helpers, please. The DBKL pound and the likes of that are not what we consider serious options.

Thank you!

Petfinder.my profile here: www.petfinder.my/pets/62592/

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