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Jan 13, 2009, 4:50 AM

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Re: [woodstock] Chihuahua Club - Getting in contact

We pass... with a C Frown

I was told that I need to work harder on correcting Peebek's "hault" position. Peebek's sitting posture is a bit sengetUnsure Nevertheless, we finally graduate!

My chi is also a giant, 2.2kg. Peebek's little brother Poki weights only 1kg.

Having a giant chi has its advantage. Bigger chi can jog and hike with you, and they seem to have less health issue such as the infamous collapsed trachea.

Peebek used to be a timid chi, that is why we join OB training. After the class, we usually stay back to play with other doggies there.

To help my chi overcome its anxiety meeting strangers & bigger dogs, I was told to let strangers(especially children) touch and hold the dog more often. A walk in 1U's Central Park will provide you and your chi plenty of opportunities to meet strangers,children and other dogs. If you are not an outdoor person, try to take your furkid to IKANO Pet safari, that's also a good place for your chi to socialize with other furkids & friendly dog lovers.

I posted some of recent photos on petnyou's facebook, you'll see photos of Peebek with his classmates.


Some tips that you might find useful for Boo's coming OB training:

1) Bring soft treats like cheese,boiled chicken,or biscuits soaked in water. Dry biscuits might choke a chi if taken too much.

2) If you have a bad back, try to DIY a tool so that you don't have to bend down to reward your chi with treats.
My DIY tool: A 50cm long satay stick, with cheese on the tip.

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