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Nov 8, 2008, 9:07 AM

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I am Chee here from Puchong and i read all about your post about your pug skin allergic.

I have two pugs which is Hugo and MiuMiu. My Hugo got skin allergic after i bought him back 1 month and that time i bring him to st angle clinic few time and one of trhe doctor told me Pug can easy get skin allergic and some cannot be cure, on and off will come back unless to a blood test but this blood test only can done in USA and for asia don't have those lab for this kind of blood test. If send to USA will cost RM800 plus. The st angle clinic doctor said so far he just done for one of their client.

After few time bring Hugo to see doctor than i start to serach what cause my Hugo skin allergic for and i found this site :
after i read this than i change my dog food the ingredients without corn, wheat, glutens, dairy or soy to see it is true or not. After two monthsi change the dog food i can see the result my Hugo skin problem (hot spot or pimples) are under control and less until now don't have anymore just one month one time got the pimples but is really small and after two or three day than gone. Other thing is i found Interceptor (heartworm montly pill) are help for his skin sllergic. I give my hugo interceptor because he is skin allergic with heartgard too so i have to give him Interceptor. (Note: Interceptor are expansive than Heartgard).

So far Dog dry food brand i know the ingredients without corn, wheat, glutens, dairy or soy are Eagle Pack Holistic Select, Innova, Orejin, Nutriedge, California Natural and Natural Balance. Here are the link about dog food information : www.dogfoodanalysis.com/dog-food-index-a.html

I hope what i had experience are help all the pug lover here who have pug with skin allergic and u guys have to give sometime to see the result. If u have any question can email me at puglover.my@ or live.com or can call 017 229 5656.

For all pug lover feel free please visit www.pugslife.org and signup for free become member and join the Malaysia Pug Club and now Malaysia Pug Club got 13 member in the club and 10 member are from Malaysia. U guys can unlimited upload your lovely pug photo and video to share with other member and we also exchange some experience there too. SEE U GUYS THERE.


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