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Old Kaki

Feb 21, 2008, 12:46 AM

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Re: [chrisong] Beauty & Brains

Chrisong, this is not called selfish, this is called educating those who don't know how much benefit they can get from training their dogs. Honestly, I don't know where people & even you got this idea of pampering & treating dogs like queen & kings? Same thing with, tying dogs outside 24/7 & then calling their dogs "guard dogs" when they're actually not. Really, where did you guys get this idea from?

If you had a child, would you spoil it by giving it EVERYTHING he wants, what he wants to do only, disobeying & being rude to you, embarrassing you in public, crying & screaming at the top of its lungs & demanding? Is that what you want in a child? It's exactly the same as dogs. I have boarded one VERY spoiled & annoying Maltese once. OMG! I can't tell you how much I wanted to strangle it? It was all the owners fault for making her like that. The Maltese always demands to be carried, whine & whine & whine, refuse to eat the food that the owners give. Only wants human food. Wants to do her own thing, disobeys the owner, marking ALL over our house despite we scolding her (yes, we were the ones who infact had to scold her. The owners did nothing but just stood there & watched us cleaning up her pee) but when the owner is supposed to correct the dog, she carries it instead. I mean like what??? And then complain, oh why my dog always make so much noise & pee all over the house ah? I would have told her straight away that it was infact HER fault for spoiling her dog till it's like one spoiled child! But ofcourse how can I do that right...

Dogs are not cats. Dogs have the tendency of disobeying & disrespecting the owners. We as trainers always tell owners to NEVER carry their small dogs too often becoz this will make them so spoiled & the moment the owners put them down on the ground, they become so scared & then demands to be carried again.

Dogs are dogs. They were not made as fashion accessories or as trophies. "They were made for a purpose". This is what I'm trying to tell you. If the owner wants to get a dog, sure nothing wrong with that! But what do they want in a dog? Even if they say they want it as a guard dog only, train it to be like one. Don't call it a guard dog when it doesn't behave like one. Most people's idea of a guard dog is, fierce & aggressive. All they can do is bark bark bark & then bite people. That is not a guard dog! The so-called guard dogs can't tell the difference between a postman, neighbors & a thieve. It can bite anybody! I also don't get it when rescuers try to find new homes for the dogs they have rescued. I respect what they do & I know one or two here who vet each new owner to make sure that the dogs they've rescued, goes to new loving homes. But when they call the dog "very good guard dog", it's like, what is that suppose to mean? Hey, I can call my dogs guard dogs too. They bark at everyone who walk pass our house but the moment the thieve actually comes in, they run away. Same thing with the other dogs that I see in the neighborhood. They show aggressiveness behind the bars but when my dogs come close or even if we come close, they move back & hide. Is this what we call guard dogs?

So, let me clarify one more time. TRAINING IS VERY IMPORTANT no matter if your dog is a show dog, a mongrel, a beautiful or a ugly dog. Their brains must be developed or it really becomes vegetables & then they learn bad habits & wrong things! Those who pamper their dogs, sure love their dogs but they really are spoiling their dog's brains. You may think training is not so important, better think again. The dog is sharper, responds to you better, much more well behaved at home, listens to the owners & they make a much much more wonderful pets. Believe me... People will only realize this when they do train their dogs.

We trainers can only give advise & tell them what benefit they can get from a trained dog. But if they think training is not very important, then there's nothing else we can do. They will only realize it IF they put in some effort into training their dogs. And one more time, 5 mins at home, not a big deal!

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