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Old Kaki

Feb 20, 2008, 4:04 AM

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Re: [acsyen] Beauty & Brains

Sometimes I get really confused becoz the WHOLE point of this post was just "train your dogs". That was it! I did not condemn those who show their dogs, I did not condemn who just keep dogs as pets & I did not condemn those who just make their dogs become champions & then don't love them. And yes, I would love to hear what others would say but I don't really like it when people just backfire you when this post was just to tell people that no matter what breed your dog is, all dogs should be trained. Maybe Chrisong did not really understand the whole point of this post. Maybe not just him, maybe others too... So what I try to do here is, I try to make them understand what I'm trying to say. But when people just say, "You condemn this lah you condemn that lah!" without even understanding what was my purpose of posting this post here in the 1st place, then I really need to rephrase & explain to them one more time. I also can't stand people who compare my age with others & talk like they know more than me when they don't even know me or know what I do. I shall not name who that person is becoz it's not appropriate or nice to do so... So sometimes, I get really really confused. This post was not started to start fights or debates. I'm sure you understand what this post is all about right Acsyen? That's why I have a feeling Chrisong misunderstood something that was written in my original post... I don't dislike him becoz of this. All he needed was just a little bit of explanation that's all! But sometimes he can be a little too direct...

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