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Old Kaki

Feb 17, 2008, 7:13 AM

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Re: [chrisong] Beauty & Brains

Oh, that is not a very good excuse. No time, then don't get a dog. Right? Aiyah, you should know mah... And no one is asking them to train their dogs as well as my Amber mah unless they want to, then I think that's great. At least they are pushing their dogs to a higher level & striving for anything they could strive for. Actually, just OB train it. It's good enough. Or something instead of making it stay at home & become couch potatoes all day & do nothing at all in its entire life! Or just let the dog live in the porch & become guard dogs. Especially Pedigrees. For example, what are Silkies bred for? If they are bred for a reason, then train it to do that certain job. If cannot, then at least OB train it... Not too difficult right? The reason why we got dogs was not only becoz we want dogs just for a change after having cats for almost 15 years & the reason why we got pedigrees was not becoz we dislike mongrels. We got dogs becoz we want to enjoy life & activities with them. We work as teams & we try every single thing that life has got to offer, new activities, whatever no matter how hard they are! We strive for everything! And the reason why we got Pedigrees was becoz we know their characters & personalities & they were bred to do a certain job like for example Goldens, they were bred to mainly do retrieving. Dalmatians were bred to become fire dogs. Since there's no such sports here in Malaysia, we do something else instead which is OB. And then we slowly progressed & started doing other sports & stuff. There's nothing wrong with breeding dogs for shows but it's very important that the dog has brains too... When the dog is intelligent, don't let it go to waste. Dogs having brains is very important more than beauty actually... But, it's always nice to have both, isn't it? There's one dog who I know who is a Grand Champion Show Dog, OB Champion & Tracking Champion. This is a Gordon Setter from Australia. Now this is what I call a full package! Amber's gonna breed with a well trained male Golden in a few months time & we are gonna make sure that the pups are sold to people who WILL bring them for training. Everybody will want an intelligent dog, wouldn't ya? If I would to buy another pup next time, I will buy a pup that comes from parents who are well trained. At least I know the pup's genes are good & it should be just as intelligent as its parents. I will forget about its beauty 1st to be honest... But like I said earlier on, it's nice to have both instead of one only.Frown

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