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Oct 18, 2007, 1:04 AM

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Re: [staceymay] I'm back! new member on board!

Yah, that is why i couldnt stress enough to tell potential dog owners that looking for a puppy, to go visit the breeder and observe, observe & observe. Good if you find one that is the cheapest, but go and see how is the living environment, if looking for a purebreed then request to view the parents, and see whether the dogs there being treated appropriately. If you found the most expensive one, request to visit too! No harm visiting & see is there a difference? And ask the breeder more questions to know why is it so.

Buy a dog within your budget which you feel the breeders do taken a very good care to their dogs. Really no point taking back home a dog like your friend's dog, eventhough might be cheaper, but ends up you folk out more money, and so much problems.

And yah, it is very very true that dog owners shouldnt simply go into breeding. Very often i get people suddenly nudge me at and ask "My dog SEEMS LIKE pregnant, i have no idea at all what to do!" I was like "WHAT?!" But then, this happen too often. I told them first thing to do is go to vet, do ultra-sound to confirm. They ask me how much, i says my vet charge somewhere RM40-RM80. And most will reply "So0O EXPENSIVE?!" Oh gosh... You allow your dog to breed, but RM40-RM80 is expensive? Then i told them do u know complications occurs very frequently during pregnancy, if you have no experience the mom & pups will die? If the mom cant deliver smoothly, do u know who to call? And to do cesarean you need to spend close to 1k? Then, they fainted already.

That is my concern here, we must encourage responsible breeding as well as responsible ownership. Many cases dog owners "accidentally" mated their dogs, that's worst case scenario if he/she has no experience and enough knowledge in dealing with it.

And hey, when you "building up" your mini petting zoo, let me know. I might sponsor you a nail or two.



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