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K9 Senior

Oct 15, 2007, 12:15 PM

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Re: [staceymay] I'm back! new member on board!

hi there, stacey.

r u from the FOVM/FPV UPM?

doesn't matter if you are not...

great to know a vet student frequenting a dog forum. so ur target must be small animal practise.. obviously?

u know, if u read the post here often, you will find out the grouses of dog owners, the amount of knowledge they have... and i believe it will make you a better vet one day.

knowledge is not just from the text books. ...

one of the skills that i think is very important, and they don't teach you in vet school is - communications!

as a vet, u not only need to have ur vet knowledge, but u need to be able talk to your clients.

an introvert, shy, reserved personality should be changed, imho.

you know, once you are practising, even as a newbie at a private clinic, all the eyes will be watching your every move. and we as pet owners will talk about it here... :p

that day i read a member wrote about a lady vet who left a puppy unattended on the table, what if the puppy falls he said, young vet who seems don't noe what he is doing... bla bla bla....

so when will you go into the consultation room in uvh to 'check out' owners with their pets?, before the resident vet take over.

my 1st time at uvh, i went in to the room with my mutt, place her on the table, then suddely came out a few blur looking flers, i look at them they look at me... there was silence for a while... i tot wtf is goin on Sly.

well im not sure if you guys will be told to keep the mouth shut. but i would really appreciate it, if there were some introduction. like hello, we are trainee vets, we are not suppose to consult, but if you don't mind, may we examine your dog? we're gona take a look at her bla bla bla..... u know what i mean....

the internet is also a massive source of information for you guys.... so use it wisely....

pet owners like a vet who is friendly, caring...etc etc..

being a student is bz enuff, but we hope you'll drop by often.

a lot more to write... soon...

No Buying! No Selling! No Breeding!

Don't Lost your dogs!!
Please make sure they are safe at home!

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