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Dog Kichi

May 19, 2003, 4:41 AM

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Re: [chilimson] Rottweilers

Yeah...breeding is quite important.Some people do care more about money and aren't kind hearted enough to consider what might happen to the puppies.Abused for being not sound or steady in their temperament?Pity dogs like that.Put to sleep.Actually,talking about putting a dog down,although it might sound silly,i think every dog deserves a chance to live.Of course i'm talking about the sick dogs and not the ones that killed people because then again they might kill another person but....i think that natural death is better.I'm quite sure it's suffering but the dog never said it wanted to die but that is also because it can't talk,but the decision is not up to it....imagine..what IF ,like humans,how would you feel if you were in the dogs position?What if it wanted a chance to perhaps continue the remainder of its life instead of just putting it down?

Anyway, today,i saw my grand-uncle's ,neighbour's Rottweiler!It was a male and the owner brought it out.I was bringing my grand-uncle's GSD for a walk(puppy)..because mine is still not availableFrown...anyway,the Rottie was so BIGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Big as in the head.Enormous and it was drooling the whole time with the saliva flying everywhere.It wasn't very tall but the head was just GIGANTIC and strong.SCARY!It was just scary!It looked like it had a black pig-like body.Round and muscular.The ears were folded nicely like a Rottweiler's.Looked like a rottweiler but the legs were not that big and long....

Wanted to ask you,if it is normal for a puppy Rottie's ears to be not folded and kind of going to the back but not standing?I mean it is folded but just not neatly covering the earholes?What i mean is that it's not stretched out.But if you pull the ears it should be the size that should cover the holes.Should a Rottie be like that when it's small or should its ears be nicely covering the ears since they are small?Thanks!Smile

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