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Aug 26, 2006, 3:11 AM

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Re: [Toy] Cocker Spaniel

You will have to invest in a fairly expensive drinking bottle if you want it to last and not leak.

Here is a cheap DIY alternative. Feel free to get creative and find subtitute items.

The next time you go to McDonalds and order a milk shake(we will call this A for now), don't throw away the container. I find the shape and depth just nice for my dexter to drink but not get his ear all wet.

If you just fill water into A, it will definitely fall on it's side when the dog drinks from it. Therefore, find another container(B) that is slightly more wider taht you can fit A into but the height should be more or less the same. so when you drop the A into B, both the brim are almost say height.

I have a round plastic container that is silinder in shape and the opening is just nice for my A container to go in and out. I fill B with some small pepple from my fish tank for weight and I drive my A container into it. Wollah!

I hope you get what I mean. If you don't, I'll go grap my camera and post the image up.

BTW, for hygiene purpose, I don't suggest you keep the cups more than 2-3weeks. My sis is a milk shake maniac, so I get a steady supply of containers from her. Wink

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