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Aug 6, 2006, 7:15 PM

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Re: [kunamiya] Looking for a Rough Collie

oooohhh wow!

i love rough collie ! they are beautiful, smart, and elegant!

but is rare to get a rough collie here in msia rite.. where u import him?

any pics of ur cutie???

ya since my pup HATES the cage, i let her wander around in my house too.. but end up pee/poo everywhere !

so, since u good in training dogs, are u a trainer ? maybe we can train our pups one day using ur technique lol

i even let my cutie wander in my bedroom and sleep with me, so tat she doesnt make a lot of lonely noise, and i can have some sleep also... cos if i leave her outside my room at night, she will howl lonelines.. so lo scared she disturb everyone cos i stay in condo.. BUT i scared she will pee/poo in my bedroom.. do u think she will ?

any useful advice?

i would like to see your rough collie one day.. sure great fun !

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