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Dog Kichi

Jul 7, 2006, 7:27 PM

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Re: [luv_pipi] ALL

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For me, neither i will cry for the dogs simply because they are DEAD, nor writing to the authority and make a big fuss about it. We all have to learn from the mistake and do not repeat it. If i know my dog will be caught by DBKL if i leave her outside the house unattended, why do i let my dog out in the first place? This is common sense , people. Don't wait for something happen, then only you start complaining, condemning and trying to find someone to be blamed for the consequences.

For people who have problems with the government, please take note that you chose to live in this country. If you don't like the rules, take it or leave it. Don't put the blame on SPCA for not doing a good job or MPS who has got no brain. If you are ambitious enough, be part of of government and you can start with your own rule. I will be the first one to sign your petition.

For Mr. Eng's fans, you can continue to feel sympathy for what happen to him and his dogs. However, this is a tragedy and we all have to learn by now. Do not take the "Dog Lover" title for granted and do something against the rule. Warning is given to you for a reason, not without a reason. If you ignore it, then be responsible for what is going to happen next.

Let the dead rest in peace, the living ones, please move on.

Hi Luv, how are you? More positive thinking as time pass ahh, very good. I like your style of rationing, the mover. Thumb up from me.

BTW, when are you going to train me?? po-poo or pe-pee doesn't matter, as long as the intention is good. Be happy ya.

On another note. I thought you like to "ka yim ka cho" to make thing taste better and more people will join in the fray.He..he..hee


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