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Jul 3, 2006, 9:38 PM

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Re: [wicasa] A Real Shock

"We onli take action in dogs. What is this?
The other day I went to MPSJ to complain my neighbour's place so dirty and smelly with cat's pee and poo's smell. They having so many cats, some of them consider stray cats alredy. Imagine on my roof also got their poo. Mad How do you expect me to sleep during nite time with those smell. So I asked them to catch all the cats if not they will keep on breeding. Behind my house, there are more that 15 stray cats and nobody care them. Guess what the ppl in charge in MPSJ said : We all tak take action kat cats. We onli take action kat dogs. What is this? Is it fair for the dogs? Cats will be all around and dogs will get lesser and lesser. Dogs must have license but cats don't need it. One house can rare 2 dogs but cats can 4. I don't think it's fair for our dog who are innocent staying at home doing nothing harm outside. Those fierce dogs around the street also because those malay kids disturb them. I saw so many case that kids throwing stones at the dogs. For me I think its so unfair and angry about this when the Malay guy in MPSJ said that."


I got this from another post. This should answer your question, Kookee about "Where a certain breed of pet would receive more respect". CATS!!! This enrages every dog owner.

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