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Jul 2, 2006, 1:10 PM

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Re: [wicasa] A Real Shock

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This is what you call a mascara of innocent animals!!! Forget about human rights. I never gave a damn about about it. I think the animals have more rights than us to live on this planet. This country really sucks. Im ashamed to be living here, but I cant deny the fact Im a Malaysian. Bloody government officials now order the killing of dogs! Poacher get away with just a summon for killing tigers and they get to plea bargain. Killing of elephants. All this are endangered animals. Out of topic for a doggie forum but what are chances that dogs stand as long this is an Islam country and governed by bloody Malays with their so called "haram" of dog. WTF!

I could not sleep for the pass few day after reading about the news. How can someone be able to carry on with their live after seeing the blood shed of their loved one! Even reading about news causes my eyes to water and blood to boil in rage.

Something seriously has to be done against this act of cruelty. We have to fight for the right our our beloved ones (pets).

I had the unfortunate event that 2 of my Dalmatians were gunned down by Penang bloody council. Mock and Mindy were at my relatives house. The dogs were sick but that's no reason for them to be shot in my grandmother's house compound. My bloody aunt called the council on my dogs. I never forgive her and for that reason she is a @#%! Happened 10 years ago so its history.

Now Ive got a GSD and spitz mix and they are precious to me. Id go ballistic if anything happened to them. Touch my dogs and you will lose your arm!

And `*:.G|d!lck.:* for your information the officials have no right to enter your compound without a warrant. Ask a lawyer. The problem is most of us do not really know our rights and this bloody officials take advantage of it. Hip-hip-hooray. Well said!! Three cheers!

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