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Jul 2, 2006, 1:02 PM

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Re: [Kookee] A Real Shock

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Do u know the real meaning of dog lover? Don't insult us - true dog lovers - by calling yourself one. I hope you will one day experience hearing the cries of your "children" and seeing them die before your very eyes. The dogs are innocent, like children, and there is no justifiable reason in the whole universe to treat them like this. So, do us a big favour. SHUT UP!!!!!

My friend,

Emotions are clouding your vision there. Goldilock's rationale stands. Those poor dogs were innocent, simply because they do not have a voice nor choice. The owner is the one who sets the ultimatum and it was his choice that sealed the fate of those unfortunate dogs that were eventually culled. This is the same case when a dog attacks a human, who do think should be responsible, the dog or the owner? Anyone who has seen the pictures in the Chinese newspapers would have been emotional, unless it is a heartless "animal lover".

Conclusively, the owner is at fault coz he knows the consequences of ignoring the warnings given and yet he chosen to not heed it. The authority is at fault coz there are more than many humane ways to handle the situation and they chosen the crudest, cruelest way to do so. And the neighbours, I do have to understand their grievance, especially if they dun have dogs themselves and I'm also sure that this is not what they wanted as the outcome. Whatever it is, there is no justiable reason to shoot animals in cold blood in a residence or anywhere.The beasts who could do it reflects the evil in them although they tried to justify it.

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