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Jul 2, 2006, 5:34 AM

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Re: [straychampion] A Real Shock

U r the one who dunno the meaning of dog lover!!

A true dog lover doesnt mean he/she need to keep all the dogs in the world under his/her care...if all the dogs lover acting like that owner, then what the use of SPCA and PAWS?? one must think for the dogs and his abilities, it's not enough by just thinking u love the dogs and want to keep them by ur side, one must be considerate towards his neighbours. ....i'm sure that owner know the officer will come to him to shoot the dogs at any time....the officer has give warning to him...why he still take it for granted?? he is taking the risk that the officer wont shoot his dogs??? imagine urself living next to him.....i'm so sure u wont stand the noise and bad smell from the dogs (if the dogs are noisy and smelly), if u tell me u can stand it....then u must cheating urself....it's really over to keep 25 dogs in a TERRACE house where the rules only permited 2 dogs.....if they r kept in a detached house or farm....then is acceptable.

the owner can send the dogs to any of the community that willing to adopt the dogs like SPCA...i know sending them to SPCA sumtimes it's a death sentence for them, the probabilty to put to sleep is very high but better than stand against with the council....U always can't win from them...they always have reasons to support their cruel act....like in newspaper reported, the neighbours said they like the dogs, no one complaint and the dogs are not making so much noise, but what the council said? it's totally different....i;m sure the people will believe the neighbour rather than the council....but the council won't lose anything although the public know they lies about the truth.....

i'm not arguing the way the dogs died ..it's indeed a cruel and mercilessly killing..i know the council should have choosen a humane way to handle the dogs rather than shooting them but here is malaysia....it's the rules....we can't and dunno how to change this rules.....so as a true dog lover, one must obey this rules too for the sake of the dogs by not keeping more than the limit permited by the council.

once u got bad record listed with them....they will always come to ur house to disturb u until u fully obey to the rules..the officers never and wont let it go....they wont tolerate or sympathy u and ur dogs.....i have once kept 4 dogs in my house for 2 years, I got summon 4 times (RM200 each time) and the officers always PAY VISIT to my house, one year sure come 3-4 times to check u and warn u to remove the dogs although no one complain my dogs, at that time I did like what that owner did....I also rent a house for my dogs (RM200/month) just to keep my dogs on day time, at night I took them back to my house....I'm LUCKY because the officers were not so straight maybe they see me I'm a girl and advised me to remove my dogs, if not the police will come to my house, if i'm not lucky, i'm sure they will shoot my dogs too,....so never take it for granted....dun take the risk to against the officer if u know u r wrong......i know from what i told u, i;m taking the risk too but I still want to advise people not to take such risk for the sake of ur dogs, if u keep more than the limit, plz do sumthing else like renting a another house or put for adoption....

for acknowledgement....the officers will come at ANY TIME...no matter day or night, weekdays or weekends, holiday or not.... for the intention to KILL ur dogs. dun think it's holiday or midnight, they won't come....they r very cunning....


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