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Sep 12, 2005, 12:14 AM

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our new dog wants to own the place, what to do?

we have a west white highland terrier male, 12 months old, had it since it was a puppy. he is over active. we decided to get another dog a few days ago, a keeshond, female 18 months old. i dont know whether these two dogs like each other and are playing or what is going on but they are always chasing each other, biting each other and barking at each other for half the day and its getting really annoying. the keeshond is about twice the size of the westy and will win all the time. the keeshond has come into our back yard and thinks she owns the place after the first day and the westy cant do anything about it. the keeshond has kicked the westy out of his dog house and wont let him near it again. the toys we gave the westy over the last 12 months, the keeshond has taken control of them and wont let the westy near them again. when ever the west tries to go near them, the keeshond growls and her face goes all mean looking and starts barking at the westy and when the westy gets one of his own toys back, its on again, barking, biting each other. when they do this, the biting doesnt seem hard, almost as if they are playing fairly hard but im not sure. they both seem to remove fur form each other as they have chunks of fur in their mouths sometimes. same thing goes when we are feeding them. we have to both go out there and feed them and keep them seperate with sepereate dishes else its on again.
basically i have no idea on what to do about it. any advice on what to do? whether this is normal behaviour and if it will settle down or not? or what to do? im getting worried here.

i will add, they are both desexed. and when ever one of us go out the back, they start acting like angels when we start speaking to them. when they get tired, this is about the only time they stop playing up.

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