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Aug 10, 2005, 6:33 PM

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Re: [npk] [.Lab]Chaining up Lab mix

Hi .LAB, I would like to share my experience, hope you will feel better after reading this....I have a GR, when she was young, we faced the similar problems like you, or maybe worst !

When I had Daisy, she was 3 mths old, she was not toilet-trained (she torn all the newspaper that I put for her), then we bought her a 3'X4' cage. At that time, we just moved in to the new house, grass were not fully grown yet, so my husband prohibited her to roam around coz her urine made all the grass turned yellow! Whenever we let our her to play, she was so energetic, she bit our plants, our shoes and even knocked down some pots. Got once, I tied her outside just to give her more freedom, she dug a very big hole in the garden until can see the water underground and made herself full of soil! That made my husband very angry because he always looks after the garden, I almost had to give her away whenever I quarelled with my husband over her....I felt that dogs should have freedom, but my husband said she can't as long as she is not well behaved!

I taught her the 'leave it' command to prevent her from touching the wrong things, you can try that too....Along the way, we disciplined her by using the newspaper baton way also, now she knows we are not happy with her whenever we hold the newspaper baton. These two methods are effective!

We decided to chain her also to prevent her to do any destroy when we were not around, it's better than locking her in the cage, coz she can walk around although the space is limited, she would sleep in the cage whenever she wants it, we let the cage door open all the time. The cage becomes her house/sleeping place, she put her favourite toys/bones inside the cage also Smile. Whenever we are at home, especially when we have time to jaga her, we will let her walk free in the garden. Before we knew it, she is turning to 1 year old already, she will still try to find things to play when she is alone outside, but at least she won't destroy the plants, shoes and dig the garden anymore.

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