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Virgil Ang

Feb 4, 2005, 3:46 AM

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Re: [nicky_spykeaz] LOST Miniature Pinscher - REWARD!!!

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Confirm it a Gals.....
Maybe nice some guy touch to help her out...

Any volunteer?????

Hello nicky dear, you sure sherlok is a girl ? I read her post feel she iis a he and a her at times. confusing !

you wrote may be some guy touch to help her out ? meaning? Oh I see, you want somebody here to guide her and want her not to behave as she was ? am I right ?

Haha, we dog lover become pyscologist ? Now have a mission to treat patient .joking OK.

Anyway, reading her post was quite shocking..at one time, she is so scarcastic and at time, she become another person chating with a nice tone. I think she is moody and frustrating in her own room having too much of pressure or burden with her, with this frustration, she throw it at us and when she is in the good mood, the post seems to be very normal like us.

Please read the post she posted chating with Alvin and the post she posted for Samuel and some others, it was a total change in her. I wonder what has happened to a student girl like her.

Thats very dangerous you now, if she throw her anger at the wrong place wrong time at some one gila in the street, wouldnt it she is at risk ?

Who to chat with her,? I presume Alvin is the best one for her, shall we request Alvin to chat frequentl;y with her ? let me know, I will be at your side to persuade Alvin to help out.

Hey, we are not talking about dog ? We are helping a human ! Am I too BZ body interfering the matter or this may let others think we are trying to be smart ?

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