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Jan 24, 2005, 10:44 PM

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Finding Junior Death

Dear All,

It is too late to do anything to save 'Junior' now but i want to know
what cause his death.

He was 2 months old when we took him home.He had his first vaccination already. The first 2 days, junior had nothing in his stomach. We contact the breeder and was told that it is normal for junior to feel abit uneasy and nervous in his new environment resulting him not to eat. His own poo-poo was his meal ( yes, he ate his own stools)

4th day -He start having diarrhea,Vomitting, discharges from eyes and leathargy.( No cough, no bloddy stools) His appetite was very very minimal.
It become so serious and Junior was immediatly bought to a vet and was given antibiotics (pinkish)and another ' orangish' liquid. Test shows that his stools got worm egg. He was also given a jap to stimulate his systems. The vet also suspected 'distemper ' order. There are few occasions, fits occurred.His temp was 38.5( is this normal or feverish?) and 25% Dehydrated. We were told his survival rate is 50/50

The next morning, Junior was in coma stage and was in 'water-drip'. Distemper test was conducted and result was negative. We rush him to another vet for second opinion because the first vet advised us to put him to sleep. :( But He doesnt have the exact answer of what's wrong with him.

The second vet also do 'water -drip' and inject something to strengthen his body. He told us that his surviving rate is 70/30 now. His only chance now is depending on Junior will to live. Again,We were not told what's wrong with him.

Looking at his breathing disorder, Junior still fight to survive.Occasionally, he will let out some sigh noise and quiet cry. He is motionless. His eyes is open but he is not blinking. It was very pitifull I pat and 'sayang' him for 6 hours till his last breath.

I went to 2 vet. None of them know what's wrong. one vet said distemper but test result show negative and the one said worm but wrong medication was given resulting him to death. Few minutes before his death, he had something like tiny small little water bubbles in his stomach.

We had him less than a week but our love grew for him more than having a bestfriend for 10 years.Junior left us 22 Jan 2005 6.15pm. He is a shih szu mix pekingnese.

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