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Nov 10, 2004, 7:24 PM

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Re: [Brondie] Rubbing in Poo & Pee

*Smile* ... Understand what you mean ... the first time it happened to us - we were like aghast!!! ... and we were wondering like ... what's wrong with our dog ... ugggh ...

But it is a doggie thing ... And most dog behavioural books will have a little section on dogs, scents and what they do when they find an interesting scent ...

You don't say how old your male dog is ... some male dogs as they leave puppyhood and approach maturity - will try to challenge the owner's authority, and establish their own position within the family structure ... and a little growling may take place ...

... under those circumstances, some growling is by itself not indicative of bad temperament ... this is more likely to be an issue of dominance - another doggie thing.

But that being said ... when dominance rears its head - you do need to establish your good proper authority & leadership over the dog ... to ensure that the dog does not assume that he is in charge of you ...

*** Do get a good dog behaviour & a good dog training book ... Check Amazon.com for reviews, and decide which book is good for you. Amazon has a very comprehensive list of dog books. You can try starting here: www.amazon.com/gp/cdp/member-reviews/A383ABZY40JIYO/103-4058717-4146248

*** In the meantime use the Search Function at the top of this website ... and search the posts/threads on "dominance" ... "growling" ... and training the command "NO" ... These topics have been much discussed, and lots of information available.

Generally - we handle our dogs a lot ... starting immediately from when we get our dogs (at whatever age) we play with their paws, ears, teeth, mouth ... etc etc ... and by so doing, we get the dog used to our touch and movements ... instilling a bond of trust - between owner & dog, and reducing chance and inclination for dog to resist our handling ...

Together with lots of handling ... we almost never administer any form of physical punishment to dogs - and on the rare occassion it occurs, it is for the most extreme form of unacceptable behaviour from the dog - like threatening to bite another dog ...(the owner must know clearly how, when & why) ... By keeping such faith - our dogs learn never to fear our touch or our hands.


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