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K9 Maniac

Oct 13, 2004, 4:33 AM

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Re: [ohmybeagle] dont buy from this agent !!

If one buy a dog at a certain price, it is a willing buyer willing seller deal. No one point a gun at your head to force you to buy. If you got ripped off, it just show that you did not do your homework well enough and you have only yourself to be blame! Actually, a puppy is pricelss, it depends on the quality that you are willing to pay. I obtained my Golden puppies from the top breeding from the States and it ranges anywhere between RM15,000 to RM30,000. A finished American Champion will cost me more than RM60,000 ex freight. I sell some of my pups at RM5,000 with guarantee of show potential. It is considered very cheap for the type of quality we are talking about. As for Mal Gr Ch Athensi Price Ben, his puppy is going for RM1,800, that's ok, because he was bred at 'zero cost' so to speak. Do you know the sire of Athensi Prince Ben? He is call Aust Grand Ch Casualeigh Rag Trade belonging to Sensei Michael Ding, my Karate partner in pursuit, he is a 8 times best in show dog in Australia, his puppy is going at even cheaper, and he is a proven sire that produces Best In Show quality. It all depends on how much they pay for their dogs, cost of maintenance and the supply and demand situation. So, to end this note, do not be sore with what you have bought and stop grumbling and whining about being ripped off, be happy with what you have and settle down on that and be a man. Hope this help!



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