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Feb 3, 2003, 6:12 AM

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Dog Missing in Subang Jaya SS14


This is a message similar to khsin. We lost our dog over the Chinese New Year holiday period from SS14, Subang Jaya. We were out of town over the CNY period and came back to find her missing. She had bitten a hole in the fence and sneaked out. She does not usually sneak out as she gets walked at least twice a day. However, since our other dog passed away last month, she has taken to sneaking out of the house at night through the fence and then wait at the gate in the morning to be let back in. We have repaired the fencing and thought it was OK already. We have left her on her own before, when we go out of town for two days or so. We usually leave enough food and water for her and everything has been OK.

We have walked around the neighbourhood a few times to look for her to no success. We think that she may have waited by the gate again but no one was around to let her back in and then someone may have taken her back with them. She is very very friendly and someone may have pat her and she decided to follow them home.

She is a mixed breed, quite small, white in colour with some very light brown patches on her back. When she went missing, she should have a silver collar / choke chain. I've attached her photo with this post in the hope that someone will spot her. She can be quite noisy and her bark is quite high pitched. If any of you see her or know someone who has just recently gotten a new adult dog who looks like my dog, please please could you let me know by posting a reply here or emailing me at jess_free80@yahoo.co.uk? Any help will be greatly appreciated as she is greatly missed in the family. Frown

Thanks in advance.


PS: khsin, hope you find your dog soon. I'm filled with worry everyday about my dog and I can imagine how you feel.

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