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Mar 23, 2004, 12:39 AM

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Re: [xyne] Intense Bacterial Infection on skin

With dogs ... everytime we try something new ... we need to be consistent and patient ... if you are consistent & patient ... the dogs will eventially get bored with the baju ... the novelty will wear off and they will start to leave the baju alone ...

You must of course be present to supervise and to encourage the dogs to leave the baju alone by timely and prompt ... low and growly "NOOOOOOO" ... Check the threads for more info on how to use the "NOOOO"...

If the baju is made from light cotton ... air will still circulate and allow healing ...

With every method ... there will be advantage and disadvantage ... it is for you to decide what is best for your dog and to modify the method to suit your circumstances ... let your imagination reign ... Tongue

You are right ... it is difficult and mostly pointless to reprimand AFTER a disaster because dog will not understand ... so the idea is for you to be around and to PREVENT the disaster from happening in the first place ... So, when you introduce new elements, make sure you are around and available to supervise ... and for you to be consistent and patient ...

Cheers ... Smile

PS ... Iodine is a very effective disinfectant ... but it stings ... The salt solution is mild ...

As to which is better? Depends on severity of the wounds ... if the wounds are quite serious, then Iodine or Flavin (which does not sting) will be better than salt solution.

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