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Jan 9, 2004, 5:06 PM

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Re: [nancy] Nancy & shlee

Ya, if i was there, i will take the rottie too and look for her owner. And perhaps the dognapper could provide some useful info for you regarding your Pui Pui. Anyway, i feel that the chance of getting back your Pui Pui is quite high now, don't you think so? Because somebody have found their rottie back and thus you have a "target" to follow up now. Your Pui Pui might be at the same place...or you might able to meet those dognapper! Just get some info from Versus and check out the place where she got back her rottie. And also check out the pet shop immediately, which somebody said saw a rottie there. Don't worry, i will always pray for you!

But for me...sigh...i still couldn't get any new about my MiMi. I really miss her so much...i won't give up! I don't think i keep on looking for her will increase the dognapping cases. We can't give up our baby, right? I'm sure they are also waiting for us to pick them back. I always feel that my MiMi must be at somewhere now and always hoping to see me appear in front of her, and pick her back!!!!!

In fact, somebody said saw my MiMi at a Puchong Pet Shop. However, when i reached there, the dog was disappeared already. The shop assistant denied there was such a dog there before. I can't confirm...and i'm lost! I suspected the shop assistant was lying to me...maybe the dog is not MiMi, but they seem like selling stolen dog...becoz they are not friendly and seem so suspicious!

I don't know...but one thing i'm sure is i won't give up looking for my MiMi and hope you do. Pls SMS me immediately if you got a good new to reunite with your Pui Pui. Wish me good luck too. And pray for both of us Smile

*****Pls help to look for my MiMi (refer to my avatar for her pic)*****
*****MiMi, where are you now? I miss you.....*****

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