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Canine Addict

Jan 5, 2002, 7:13 PM

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Re: [finnstar] Dog Training

Hi, actually, you can train your dog not to run out..I've done it successfully with mine...he knows he's not supposed to walk over the boundary unless I give him permission to...so the gate can be wide open and he won't even think of running out...

What I did was, at first, use a choke chain and a leash and you open the remote control gate...walk him around with the gate open and when he crosses the gate boundary, you give a slight tug on his leash and firmly say no while turning around walking in the opposite direction....when he does what you want, praise him lavishly or give him a treat..

Another thing I did was....okay this is dumb but it actually worked..you may need more then one person to do this...you stand at the gate and you open the gate and if the dog makes a run for it, you don't let him cross the boundary of the gate..you chase him back into the house..hehe...like playing a game with your dog.. for this activity, you might want him to have his leash on as well just let him run around with it.....so in any event that he runs out, you can chase after him and have something to get hold of him easier..

One last thing I did was to leash my dog and make him sit and the wide open gate boundary and I stand on the outside...he looks at me I look at him..if he makes any attempt to cross the line, I say no and make him contiue to sit...if he stays still, praise him...

If you have no time to take your dog through the steps. I suggest you train him before you go out or when you come home...this meaning, when you open the gate to go out...get someone to hold the dog while someone else drives out of the house..if the dog wants to bolt, just tug at his choke chain and say no...

When you come back, get someone to hold the remote and get out of the car and stand in front of the gate and open the gate..if dog runs out, you chase him back in the house..take him to a corner, hold him and praise him..ask the person in the car to wait for awhile and when he/she doesn't see the dog running around to drive in..

I just got a baby pup and I haven't had the time to boundary train her yet..so when she's in the compound, I switch of the remote control gate..that way, if my dad comes home, he can't open the gate...so he honks and I know he's home and I run out to hold the dog...

Okay, I've suggested so many ways..it's up to you to make a small effort and both you and your dog stand to gain...Use you imagination to train your dog....bonding with your dog and creating a strong relationship is always important...

One last thing, be patient..one of my dog learned the boundary in 3 mths..another one took about 1 1/2 yrs...

And in reply to your question, "so, where would be the ideal place to train him to forget this habit of his.. " the answer would be your house..because you have to tell him where his boundaries are...

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